the big game today at noon. i expect to be despondent by 12:05 and then i will turn on the tv and start watching the game. i already have a headache so im confident i can make this happen.

in other good news, the field is supposed to be drenched from torrential rains. not sure who that could ultimately help. also, in the other game ghana has some turmoil on their side as one of its better players had it out with the coach and was sent home. and another top player is suspended due to yellow card accumulation. so a weakened side might help tip the balance in favor of portugal and as we recall a portugal win means the us advance automatically.

the final set of matches has belgium (already through) v. south korea and algeria v. russia. algeria is in the best position to advance with three points going into the match while south korea and russia have one. i havent seen alot of these teams but lets just hope that the us and algeria advance along with germany and belgium as the odds would suggest.

also, suarez was banned from soccer for four months including his club soccer in england. he plays for liverpool (at the moment). i believe they might say that throws a spanner in the works, or more likely, something far less tame. didnt know fifa had the authority outside of the international events but outside of liverpool and uruguay he will have few supporters crying foul.

- dave 6-26-2014 4:25 pm

ok, i forgot. its not a guaranteed pass if portugal wins but we have five goal cushion in the tiebreaker scenario.
- dave 6-26-2014 4:33 pm

one negative. no team in the tournament has won after playing in the heat and humidity in manaus in the amazon which is where the us just drew with portugal.
- dave 6-26-2014 4:39 pm

Five minutes in and I haven't even seen their goalie
- jimlouis 6-26-2014 5:05 pm

I think we should get a goal just for defending so many shots so early
- jimlouis 6-26-2014 5:14 pm

the american mantra in the 21st century:

- dave 6-26-2014 7:15 pm

Have you seen the fans doing the wave during your extensive soccer viewing, prior to this World Cup? Is that our legacy, our contribution to the sport? And if so and we ever get a chance at a do over could we instead be known for shameless flopping or world class serial biting? Ok I looked it up and and dates to 84 Olympics in LA for World football and then showed up again to large world audience at 86 Mexico World Cup. But Americans are almost certainly responsible, although apparently there are some Canadians that would like credit for it.
- jimlouis 6-26-2014 9:47 pm

we were definitely doing the wave at shea stadium before '86. wiki says was popularized at u. mich in '83 and got us wide recognition at the detroit tigers '84 world series run but didnt break out of north america until '86 world cup. so i think we can take "credit."

i agree its mostly annoying but i did like as a kid when one level of the stadium would do it and then set off a domino effect back and forth through the stadium.

our latest addition to world fandom is the white stripes seven nation army which is nearly ubiquitous as theme music sung by fans.
- dave 6-26-2014 10:02 pm

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