if only he could appreciate the irony:

Luis Suarez: 'I lost my balance'

- dave 6-28-2014 3:40 pm

brasil look lost. they will need a burst of individual genius to win or a penalty kick crapshoot. although they were admittedly unlucky on that handball call. i looked at it a bunch of times and couldnt decide what was the right call.

- dave 6-28-2014 6:54 pm

dammit. the cheering down the street two seconds before my feed is really ruining the moment for me.
- dave 6-28-2014 7:51 pm

ive taken to plugging up my ears and humming.
- dave 6-28-2014 7:55 pm

lucky for brasil but no way they win it all at this rate.
- dave 6-28-2014 7:57 pm

when i asked all the italians at tonys last night who they would be rooting for now that their team was out it was nearly unanimous for columbia. and as i said they are performing this well without their star striker. theyll only get more love for removing uruguay so we dont have to think about suarez again.
- dave 6-28-2014 10:12 pm

probably shouldnt eat out tonight. a lot of bitter food service workers out there.
- dave 6-29-2014 7:06 pm

tough day for the americas. cant see costa rica surviving extra time.
- dave 6-29-2014 11:10 pm

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