france and germany up today facing the only two teams remaining with longer odds than the us of progressing, nigeria and algeria respectively. lets hope the big upset is kept on ice until tomorrow.

- dave 6-30-2014 4:28 pm

still no real upsets (some might call costa rica an upset despite them winning their group) in the round of 16. algeria certainly had their opportunities against germany before finally succumbing in overtime while nigeria relented pretty quickly once france scored in the second half.

first up today is a reasonable test for argentina in switzerland. argentina has looked vulnerable in the back and switzerland is not a side content to sit back and defend and look to counter. and outside of messi the front line has not given argentina much. so would not be a big shock if argentina go down.

as for americas chances ive been generally pessimistic but belgium are a very young team so we can hope their inexperience will have some impact. belgium did beat the us in an exhibition match last year 4-2 so they will probably be pretty confident going in.
- dave 7-01-2014 3:43 pm

Torture these overtimes and penalties. i'd rather see a rematch than penaltykicks.
- linda 7-01-2014 7:15 pm

What happens if still a tie after penalty kicks?
- linda 7-01-2014 7:24 pm

obviously for scheduling reasons they arent going to do a rematch. i wouldnt mind extra subs in extra time..... not a problem now. i kind of like penalty kicks but a lot of people dont.
- dave 7-01-2014 7:27 pm

- linda 7-01-2014 7:34 pm

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