at the ripe old age of 32 the tennis gods granted roger federer one last shot at a wimbledon title. currently slugging it out in a first set tiebreaker with djokovic on espn. and, federer takes the first set....

- dave 7-06-2014 3:02 pm

just looking at federers wiki, he has two sets of identical twins, one pair of girls and then one boys. wonder what the odds of that are?

- dave 7-06-2014 3:12 pm

5th set...
- dave 7-06-2014 5:24 pm

- jim 7-06-2014 5:25 pm

i wish i could choke that bad. really hasnt been a choke performance. he had one point to win it all but its mostly been about winners more than unforced errors. i still think djokovic will prevail. also, no 5th set tiebreakers if it should come to that.
- dave 7-06-2014 6:05 pm

bummer, not that i dislike djokovic.
- dave 7-06-2014 6:09 pm

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