argentina v. netherlands seems like a more difficult match up to predict than yesterdays though im sure no one expected the drubbing that brasil endured. ill vote with my heart and take argentina though the loss of playmaker angel di maria will make messi's task more difficult. their defense was pretty stout in shutting down belgiums many attacking options but none of which were as decisive and determined as arjen robben has been for the dutch. something about an all european final in brasil seems wrong so root for la albiceleste so they can persist only to get mowed down by the germans on sunday.  

- dave 7-09-2014 6:15 pm

i guess the ladies deserve this one with all the objectification online but its still demeaning in that it implies women are only thinking of sex in procreative terms. from buzzfeed sports behold this clickbait found on my twitter feed:

25 Ridiculously Hot Soccer Dads That Will Make Your Uterus Explode

- dave 7-09-2014 8:03 pm

not a lot of chances being created and the pace isnt exactly swift but a tense well contended game thus far. also not a lot of fouling and virtually flop-free.
- dave 7-09-2014 10:55 pm

messi has been pretty much a non-factor. argentina has no one in midfield to break the defense down and open up passing lanes for the forwards.
- dave 7-09-2014 11:16 pm

that last penalty kick summed up the game -- argentina didnt necessarily deserve to go through but did anyway.
- dave 7-09-2014 11:47 pm

So happy to see them win, i thought they played better, at least in the first half for sure. Thoughi wouldn't have been sad to see netherlands take it. Every match i feel bad for the losing team. It was a good match, pleasure to watch.
- anonymous (guest) 7-10-2014 1:27 am

it was a weird game. robben who has been fearless throughout looked indecisive much of the game and clearly wanted to prove he could win without diving. seemed like that got in his head. and van persie has been battling the flu and probably shouldnt have started when they have another very capable striker but as captain decided to soldier on enabled by his coach who will also be his coach next season at manchester united.

and messi was not sharp and definitely missing di maria whos energy stretches the defense and provides messi with more space to work. germany is going to be an even bigger problem as they will be even more ruthless controlling the passing lanes and space in midfield. then as today argentina will try to bypass the midfield with longer balls down the wings but that isnt really a recipe for winning football anymore. there best hope is to poach a goal early and then hang on like they did against belgium. but that is the strategy of a team that is outclassed and no one wants to enter a final with that mindset.

also, im glad you enjoyed that match, bill. i can only assume it was your anonymous post. who else could it be?

- dave 7-10-2014 2:17 am

That was me.
- linda 7-10-2014 2:36 am

Kids are playing here on the lawn a lot, with a few injuries so far, mostly me and ryley but i think dibi and skinny have taken some ill timed kicks.
- linda 7-10-2014 2:44 am

if they are any good they only seem like ill-timed kicks. and if i know my italians dibi is playing the ref. give him a yellow sponge for simulation and send him to the dishes.
- dave 7-10-2014 3:55 am

Javier Mascherano was one of the many heroes in Argentina's penalty-kick triumph over the Netherlands on Wednesday to reach the World Cup final.

Mascherano denied Arjen Robben with a last-ditch tackle to keep things scoreless in the waning moments of regular time.

But it came at a cost to Mascherano's behind.

Per ESPN Brazil (via SB Nation), when asked about the play in question, he claimed to have torn his anus.

"In the mixed zone, Javier Mascherano spared no words to describe the move: 'I do not want to be rude...I tore the anus that play. So the pain...'"

- dave 7-10-2014 7:42 pm

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