the australian open of golf, the pga championship, finishes up the grand slam season this afternoon. of interest because golf is begging for a new star and 25 year old rory mcllroy is suddenly living up to that possibility. this would be his second major of the year, his fourth overall,  and his third straight tour victory. that he broke off his engagement earlier this summer and won a tournament that same week proves once and for all that girls are icky. augusta national really dropped the ball by allowing them to become members. how is serving drinks to and getting ass slapped by rich southern white men not validation enough? for more on that and the dulcet tones of jim nance, tune in to cbs at three for four hours of rollicking good fun. oh yeah, nine golfers are within four strokes of the leader, mcllroy, including doughy republican superdad, phil mickelson.

- dave 8-10-2014 5:56 pm

rain rain rain rain.
- dave 8-10-2014 7:08 pm

tight finish with three holes to play. mcllroy had dropped off while mickelson surged but now theyve flip flopped. mcllroy is up a stroke on mickelson, 25 year old american rickie fowler and some other dude.
- dave 8-11-2014 1:13 am

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