last week was all about a 13 year old female little leaguer; this week is more prosaic, a 15 year old female tennis player, cici bellis, who is the youngest american to win a match at the us open since 1986. her next match is supposed to be later today but its scheduled on an outer court and they havent mentioned whether it has lighting. will be a problem unless the match currently underway finishes in short order.

- dave 8-28-2014 11:05 pm

i assume it will be on espn 2 if and when it happens.
- dave 8-28-2014 11:24 pm

just started.
- dave 8-29-2014 1:02 am

likely headed to a third set. a slip of a thing at 5'3" but has some solid groundstrokes which are getting better as the match progresses. not much on her serve. dont think ive seen one crack 95mph. mostly in the mid 80s.

just blanked her opponent who is 47th in the world 6-0 in the second set. she is currently #2 on the junior tour.
- dave 8-29-2014 2:22 am

Yeah thanks Dave. Been watching. Shakey start but looking good now. Can't really see her hanging with a Williams but pretty good.
- jim 8-29-2014 2:26 am

Wow she just smoked her to open the third. Lots of energy.

- jim 8-29-2014 2:27 am

yeah, i cant see her getting very far against a big hitter if she even makes it through this match but she did beat the #12 in the world so she has a lot of talent for essentially a high school freshman.

starting to lose it. a few too many unforced errors.

- dave 8-29-2014 2:35 am

disappointing conclusion.

this canadian on now, bouchard, is a little closer to the finished product. lost to sharapova in the finals at the french open.

btw, the williamses are 33 and 34.... years old. the womens game definitely needs some new stars. venus hasnt won a slam since 2008.

- dave 8-29-2014 3:08 am

hopefully a good match upcoming between sharapova (5) and wozniacki (10). wozniacki is rory mcilroys ex-fiancee who he dumped and then won two majors. she hasnt fared quite as well but her game has improved this summer. she was #1 a couple of years ago but hasnt shown much since. that seems to be the general theme of the womens game. outside of of serena williams none of them are consistently good when healthy. sharapova is probably second best when she is on top of her game. i think she has 5 career slams.
- dave 8-31-2014 6:17 pm

ugh. so much hate for sharapova. her shrieking is intolerable. half the internet is relieved that she lost so they dont have to listen to her anymore. i had to mute the match. and so unfair. navratilova calls it "cheating." dont know why they tolerate it. start awarding points against it and it will end in a hurry.
- dave 8-31-2014 9:10 pm

djokovic/murray tonight in the quarterfinals. sometime after 8pm depending on the length of the serena williams match which precedes it.
- dave 9-03-2014 7:51 pm

nishikori v. cilic.

cbs's dream matchup nearly a reality!!
- dave 9-06-2014 10:10 pm

Who are these two? Murray's last match seemed like torture, did you watch? Too late for me and we 're back three hours...
- linda 9-07-2014 6:33 am

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