Federer vs Groth. Who is this guy Groth? Holy cow he's immense. He's like an opponent in a Rocky movie. He had given up the game and was playing Australian rules footballl for the last few years. Now he's back. Doubt he'll take Federer in the end, but interesting to watch. He's all power, but it sort of looks like he's never been coached. Like watching an NBA player at a celebrity golf tournament: a ton of athleticism and strength, but the form just doesn't seem quite right.

- jim 8-30-2014 1:31 am

i had never heard of him til yesterday. supposedly he has hit the fastest serve ever recorded at 163mph which might have been like eight miles faster than previously recorded. the woman sharapova is playing now, lisicki, has the fastest womens serve at 131.

that story about playing football is pretty strange. there is also the 33 year old woman who beat the #2 player, halep, earlier today. at one point she was out of the game for seven years.
- dave 8-30-2014 4:50 am

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