Insane. Us open cup timbers v sounders. 11 v 7, 3 red cards for sea. 30 min extra time. 3-1 por. nuts. 

- linda 6-17-2015 1:12 am

dempsey tossed for ripping the refs card to shreds.

- linda 6-17-2015 1:58 am

refs got police escort off field.
- linda 6-17-2015 2:01 am

now what is this? team jai-alai?
- dave 6-17-2015 12:03 pm

really nutty match at tiny a venue in wa. supposedly some bad calls on seattle but hard to tell watching on youtube. it wasn't televised and the british announcer was thanking fans for bringing him beer. whole thing was cookoo.
- anonymous (guest) 6-17-2015 1:34 pm

its the american version of the fa cup where any professional or amateur team can compete in a single elimination tournament. seems like a bad draw to have two top teams competing in the fourth round but thems the breaks.
- dave 6-17-2015 2:16 pm

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