monday is funday at the british open as the second round was suspended due to high winds so play was extended. for the first time since the 1920s an amateur sits atop the leaderboard tied with two other players while golfs newest star, jordan speith, sits one stroke back as he attempts to win a third straight major. its a crowded leaderboard as 13 players are within 3 strokes of the top.

- dave 7-19-2015 4:23 pm

coming down to the last three holes. three players at -15 including speith with one in the clubhouse. looked like he was out of it after double bogeying a par 3 earlier but found his way back. the other -15 looking at a makeable birdie at 18 while speith is a hole behind.
- dave 7-20-2015 1:19 pm

missed the birdie on 18. so two in at -15.
- dave 7-20-2015 1:22 pm

speith blew a par putt on 17. will have to birdie 18 to get back into tie for the lead.
- dave 7-20-2015 1:34 pm

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