the golden state warriors are vying for the best single season record currently held by one of the jordan bulls teams i think 1995. they went 72-10. the warriors are now 53-5 after tonights comeback victory against one of the four best teams in the nba, the oklahoma thunder. what should make the thunder particularly tough is that they have two of the top five or six players in the league in kevin durant and russell westbrook. tonight the combined for 61 pts 19 rebounds and 18 assists. thats probably close to average.

i tuned in with about five minutes to go and okc were up by 9 or 11. figured it was over. but golden state kept at it and were fortunate to get a foul called at the buzzer when they were down two. they made the foul shots and it went into overtime. then even after durant fouled out for okc they still maintained a lead down to the final minute when the warriors found a way to tie it back up. okc had the ball with a little under 30 second ran it down and then missed an opportunity to take the lead. and then this happened. it looks like a ridiculously long shot but curry, the current mvp and points leader, has made about 50% of shots from this distance this season. during the game he also tied a single game record of 12 3 pointers made and broke the single season record for made 3 pointers which he held. and theres still 25 games left in the season! truly amazing.

- dave 2-27-2016 11:47 pm

putting the vine here since it autostarts.

- dave 2-28-2016 12:36 am

- jim 2-28-2016 9:44 am

- Skinny 2-28-2016 10:59 am

he is 11 for 22 beyond 30 ft this season. the 3pt line is 24 ft. that was 38 ft. the league average for 3pt shots is 35%.
- dave 2-28-2016 1:21 pm

this is not a representative number because most of these are hail marys just prior to the buzzer at the end of quarters but what the hell....

Stephen Curry from 30+ feet this season: 11-22 (50%)

The rest of the NBA from 30+ feet this season entering Saturday: 53-669 (7.9%)
- dave 2-28-2016 2:43 pm

- Skinny 2-28-2016 10:52 pm

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