almost completely forgot in the run-up to this summers euro 2016 tournament that today is the champions league final between real madrid and atletico madrid, a rematch of maybe the 2014 final. too lazy to look it up. on fox at 245. 

- dave 5-28-2016 10:06 am

almost completely forgot??

the greatest soccer game in the world!!!

- Skinny 5-28-2016 10:11 am

Funny. Was just going to post asking if there is any sports I should be watching this weekend. 

- jim 5-28-2016 10:15 am

two things about the champions league final. theres virtually no build up on espn because its on fox. so unless i was checking twitter or my rss feed i easily could have missed it. and i was expecting bayern-barcelona so this seems like a match-up of second bests. thats just how knockout tournaments can go. 

the french open is finishing out the first week. i think there is a rain delay with both williams sisters on court. federer dropped out pre-tourney and nadal had a wrist injury. so its djokovics to lose.

tonight at 9 is game 6 of the western conference finals between oklahoma city and golden state. golden state won a record 73 games out of 82 this season but are now down 3-2 with game 6 in oklahoma. oklahoma underperformed during the season but have been to the conference finals 4 of the last 6 years (and lost once in the finals to lebrons heat) and the other two were effected by injury to their two stars, kevin durant and russell westbrook. durant and westbrook are probably top seven players with durant winning the mvp 3 years ago. golden states steph curry has won the mvp the two years since and golden state won the championship last year but their path was made easier by injuries to opponents in the playoffs. even if they can find a way past okc, they have lebron and the cavs rested and waiting for them in the finals. lebron pushed them to six games last year without the second and third best players on their roster. so tough sledding awaits. might just be okcs year though. as i heard this morning on a podcast, james and curry won their first titles at age 27. both durant and westbrook are 27. perfect fodder for sports lorists.

- dave 5-28-2016 11:14 am

Wow. Beautiful goal. 

- jim 5-28-2016 4:27 pm

listening to music so i dont know how the announcers are viewing the games. seems like kind of a sloppy mess but im glad atletico found a way in. im sure its been mentioned that the last one went into extra time and real ended up winning 4-1.
- dave 5-28-2016 4:49 pm

They called that goal "a real poachers goal". Not sure what that means but doesn't sound very complimentary.

How does this OT work?

- jim 5-28-2016 4:59 pm

two 15 minute periods then penalty kicks if still tied.

- dave 5-28-2016 5:05 pm

i was kind of a goal poacher so i find it very complimentary. usually scoring close in often by making runs in at the goal and hoping a low cross will come in across the goal for a well timed touch or tap in. its a hustle goal for us 110%ers!

- dave 5-28-2016 5:11 pm

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