the mountain may be coming for muhammad tonight.

- dave 6-03-2016 7:09 pm

this was on a k-tel album i owned.

- dave 6-03-2016 7:13 pm

I hope to live to 74!!

- Skinny 6-03-2016 9:34 pm

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."

~ Muhammad Ali

- linda 6-04-2016 1:06 am

For most of the older columnists, however, this P.R.-inspired scene at the Fifth Street Gym was just more of all that was going wrong in the world—more noise, more disrespect, more impudence from young men they could not hope to comprehend. “Clay is part of the Beatle movement,” Jimmy Cannon wrote a few years later. “He fits in with the famous singers no one can hear and the punks riding motorcycles with iron crosses pinned to their leather jackets and Batman and the boys with their long dirty hair and the girls with the unwashed look and the college kids dancing naked at secret proms held in apartments and the revolt of students who get a check from Dad every first of the month and the painters who copy the labels off soup cans and the surf bums who refuse to work and the whole pampered style-making cult of the bored young.”


- dave 6-04-2016 3:02 pm

superman vs. muhammad ali

- dave 6-04-2016 10:50 pm

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