my spanish is going to improve if they only air the usa copa matches on the english channels. skinny and ryley are at the haiti/peru match just starting now in seattle. its a huge stadium, but crowd looks sparse.

- linda 6-04-2016 7:40 pm

that game is on fox sports 2 and brazil game later is on fox sports 1.

- dave 6-04-2016 7:48 pm

well now thats handy. i dont get fox 2 but i'm enjoying the spanish. commercials are better. looks like giants stadium has quarter finals andfinals. you going to either?

- linda 6-04-2016 8:30 pm

you must have me confused with someone who has a lot of disposable income that enjoys crowds as opposed to the type of person without valid id for a decade. i wasnt even really aware of this tournament. a little soccered out anyway. saving myself for the euro tournament or at least the knock out rounds of this one. 

- dave 6-04-2016 8:55 pm

nope, i just enjoy hearing about all the reasons it would be an awful and exhausting endeavor.  

- linda 6-04-2016 8:59 pm

well if you think im gonna take three types of mass transit to get to east rutherford to sit in the nosebleeds [redacted for racial insensitivity] and pay $10 for a hot dog....
- dave 6-04-2016 9:06 pm

to me this is all education to young master ryley......

we will turn the training, the camps, and top games expenses off in two years when he enters high school, to his trainers this 12-14 is the key time to learn stuff, so its being laid on thick, and its working.....

once he shows up at high school training camp in august of 2018, its ready to rock or soccer for life or a mix of both, but minus some strength training its open mind, closed wallet....

- Skinny 6-05-2016 11:10 am

the wallet never closes!
- dave 6-05-2016 11:19 am

ticket pricing.

- dave 6-06-2016 10:05 pm

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