Game 4. Alright, so far so good...
- jim 6-10-2016 9:40 pm

have you developed a rooting interest or just that it isnt a boring blowout?

- dave 6-10-2016 9:57 pm

Watching without sound tonight which might be adding to my pleasure. But yeah, not a boring blow out is good.

Find myself rooting for Warriors (from the start) possibly swayed by you filling me in on the Curry story a few months ago.But then I didn't want it to be over so quick, and of course I always want to see if someone like Lebron has that extra gear they can call on when they're up against the wall. I guess I'm in the rooting for a 5th set mind set; but at the same time I want the Warriors to win.

- jim 6-10-2016 10:05 pm

I know this is like the least efficient way to communicate ever, but what is Curry's health for this series? Is he coming off an injury? Is he playing 100%?

- jim 6-10-2016 10:08 pm

curry got hurt twice in the first series of the playoffs and missed about two weeks. the second one was so fluke-y. a guy ahead of him fell down and curry slipped on the sweat left on the court from the guys jersey. he strained his knee doing that. he hasnt quite been the same although he has had a number of good scoring sprees in short bursts which make it seem that it isnt troubling him all that much.

theres been a lot of speculation as to whether he is still hurt to some degree. the sharpness of his cuts and his inability to take bigger players off the dribble for layups. but also the playoffs tend to get more physical the deeper into it you get and they get away with more. he is taking a lot of shots off the ball and has two of the most active point guards to deal with which is bound to wear you down. but beyond that he has seemed a little overwhelmed despite being the reigning two-time mvp.

he also dropped out of the olympics this summer citing the need to heal his knee so that may be a telling sign. that might just be the physical and emotional wear and tear of two long seasons.

also yesterday his new signature shoe for under armour was roundly mocked on social media so theres that.

- dave 6-10-2016 10:31 pm

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