Great News!! Ryley and I will see USA play in the COPA AMERICA quarter final!! Now for crazy odds tomorrow can Ecuador Tie Haiti and Brazil Loose to Peru PLEASE!! USA vs BRAZIL if so!!

New shirt coming for the match!!

- Skinny 6-12-2016 1:39 am

youre supposed to root for the easiest matchup not the one you want to see. no shirt for you!

- dave 6-12-2016 8:47 am

Brazil lost at least. 

Where do you see the match?

- jim 6-12-2016 11:32 pm

its in seattle.

weird brazilian side. so many players sidelined by injury or not chosen for the squad from the 2014 olympic team. and neymar was forced by barcelona to choose either the olympics in brazil or this event. none of these young players were playing tougher competition overseas either. its like this coach wanted to get fired (again). brazil needs a fresh perspective but their sporting bureaucracy is probably rotten and their collective ego too large to look outside for help.
- dave 6-13-2016 12:00 am

- Skinny 6-13-2016 2:44 pm

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