twenty minutes until argentina thrash.... wait, that was tuesday. ill still be surprised if argentina loses especially since chile beat them last year in this tournament albeit in chile. messi has never won a major (or in this case, less major) tournament for argentina. they seem primed. no major injuries which inhibited them in the world cup finals in 2014. plenty of motivation. the only concern is that theyll be overconfident after the walk in the park against us. or maybe theyll get distracted by the game of thrones finale tonight at halftime. the lord of light though is surely on their side. 

- dave 6-26-2016 7:46 pm

Go Chile!!!

- Skinny 6-26-2016 8:12 pm

this game is ridiculous. the ref is clueless.

- dave 6-26-2016 8:50 pm

"Heber Lopes has shown 14 red cards in the last 27 games he's officiated in, including two already tonight."


thats insanely high.

- dave 6-26-2016 8:56 pm


- dave 6-26-2016 10:54 pm

How much of an upset was it? How often would Messi miss that kick? Never?
- jim 6-26-2016 10:55 pm


2 years in a national team in soccer IMHO!!

World Cup 2018 champions to be!!

- Skinny 6-26-2016 11:11 pm

you been hitting that rose pretty hard, mike? you backed the winner though. kudos to you. they swarmed the fuck out of messi and were every bit as good.

they said messi never missed a kick in a shoot out but he was having the yips either earlier this year or last year on a couple of occasions for barcelona just on in game penalty kicks. its always the risk when you go for top netting that youll sail it over or hit the crossbar but its almost impossible to stop as the goalie will dive low. he even tried to bend it in under the bar which maybe was hubris as it adds a degree of difficulty. it was especially galling as the goalie dove the other way. he is very proficient at it normally, bending that is, though from greater distances which may have been an issue.

- dave 6-26-2016 11:49 pm

Dave I was sober:-) and having fun but we boys here are Chile fans, we love Vidal Vargas Sanchez and others. Can they beat German or France who knows....

- Skinny 6-27-2016 9:40 am

i didnt think you were actually drunk. just drunk on victory.
- dave 6-27-2016 10:57 am


- Skinny 6-27-2016 12:19 pm

they seem to have all the conviction and spain always have trouble finding goals. would be harsh after winning world cup and euros but might be time for a fresh take at manager if they go out in this round.

epl should be really interesting managerially next season. the italian national team manager is taking over at chelsea, pep guardiola is headed to man city and jose mourinho will be at man u. also klopp is at liverpool. a lot of quality and enthusiasm among them.

- dave 6-27-2016 12:54 pm

whoops. i guess its a done deal already.

Del Bosque has announced his intentions to resign as the Spanish national coach after UEFA Euro 2016.

- dave 6-27-2016 1:01 pm


Awesome game, great soccer...

Good luck vs Germany though.....

- Skinny 6-27-2016 2:05 pm

ill take england. are you ready to go 3 for 3 with an iceland upset?
- dave 6-27-2016 2:14 pm

Go Iceland!!!!!


- Skinny 6-27-2016 3:07 pm

P.S. We will not watch till 11pm your time

- Skinny 6-27-2016 3:09 pm

NEXT STOP FRANCE NATIONAL TEAM.........and they too will fall!!

- Skinny 6-28-2016 1:17 am

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