Are we in radio silence about the England / Iceland game because of Skinny not watching until later?
- jim 6-27-2016 9:20 pm

im spoiler free. i still wont talk about who won ww2 just in case they still air shows about it on the history channel.  

- dave 6-27-2016 9:30 pm

i will say though i for one did not see that blimp coming. good year, my ass!

- dave 6-27-2016 9:43 pm

I'm still rooting for Constantinople in the Fourth Crusade.

- mark 6-27-2016 10:05 pm

i cant blame the crusaders. jerusalem was a hike and so hot that time of year.

- dave 6-27-2016 10:20 pm

feels kind of anti-climactic now. kind of like the formal apology pope john paul 2 gave the eastern orthodox church 800 years later for the role the papacy had in the sacking of constantinople.

i mean, we told them not to do it. we even threatened ex-communication... for some. but we never thought theyd burn half the city down while destroying priceless antiquities. and,of course, the raping and pillaging. theres gonna be some raping and pillaging. they dont call it 'laying siege' for nothing. did we ultimately accept our share of the plunder? sure. cathedrals arent gonna build themselves, ya know. so for that we are sorry. given the same situation we would definitely think twice about that. mixed messages and all. 

with regards, 

vicar of christ

ps - go iceland!

- dave 6-28-2016 10:32 am

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