feel free to talk away about the games, we will avoid looking at DMT as we will watch Th/F games in the evening.....
IMHO its safe to say Poland and Belgium will move forward, but we want Portugal and Wales at this house.....
And we (or I should say I'm) are very much hoping for Italy/Iceland on the weekend....
- Skinny 6-30-2016 9:44 am

not quite sure why you are so confident about poland. quality of play aside their fifa rankings is 28 right around the us below wales and northern ireland while portugal somehow is at 8.

just looked at a betting site for the first time. iceland is at about 10-1, wales 5-1, italy 3-1 and poland 3-1. all considered underdogs. france is at 4-9, belgium 4-5, germany 5-4 and portugal at 7-5. there is a caveat though. those results on count for regular and stoppage time. if its a draw going in to pks both sides lose unless you bet for a draw.

i dont have a strong rooting interest. a wales v iceland final would be an enjoyable outcome but ive been kind of hoping this belgium team gets its shit together.

- dave 6-30-2016 10:42 am

Its clear I root for underdogs by now no?:>)
That said I believe Poland is playing better than Portugal that barely made it to the QF's.....
- Skinny 6-30-2016 10:58 am

well ill root for poland as the underdog despite that they seem to be more in form. i always root against ronaldo even though he has the same struggles as messi internationally.

- dave 6-30-2016 11:13 am

who says i'm for wales and portugal?

- linda 6-30-2016 7:09 pm

well i was wrong on Poland, and Ronaldo was clearly fouled in the box so extra glad they won......ms brown your for Wales & Portugal no?
- Skinny 7-01-2016 2:34 am

did i mention the depleted back four?

- dave 7-01-2016 4:13 pm


- Skinny 7-01-2016 11:17 pm

that stupid yellow card rule really puts them at a disadvantage because aaron ramsey has been their best player and he is out for the semis. golden opportunity for portugal. see if they come up short again.
- dave 7-02-2016 12:30 am

I think Portugal will rally but I am rooting Wales.....


- Skinny 7-02-2016 9:33 am

i think i should maintain my consistent losing streak and pick germany. 

- dave 7-02-2016 12:39 pm

here are some pix of your chilean buddy sanchez's ankle after getting stomped on versus argentina. what sometimes comes across as a minor offense on tv really is much more serious in reality.

- dave 7-02-2016 12:41 pm

wow those are gue and than some......gonna get Ryley some ankle support
- Skinny 7-02-2016 2:09 pm

less is more in my opinion. nothing is gonna protect you if someone stomps on your ankle. unless there is some inherent weakness i dont think you want more wrappings impeding a clean strike or just getting in the way. i didnt even play with shin guards because i found them uncomfortable and constricting.
- dave 7-02-2016 3:03 pm


- dave 7-02-2016 5:47 pm


- Skinny 7-02-2016 8:50 pm

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