Wales vs Germany is my hope.......
- Skinny 7-03-2016 8:48 pm

go surrender monkeys!

- dave 7-03-2016 8:58 pm

is that from this??


- Skinny 7-04-2016 9:21 am

yes, i forgot it was a simpsons reference. i was just thinking it came out of their non-support for us during the build up to the iraq war.

- dave 7-04-2016 9:34 am

i remember that.
- bill 7-04-2016 10:14 am

i think i recall linda being a pogba fan in wc14. a house divided against itself cannot stand.

- dave 7-04-2016 12:38 pm

We love Pogba and Greizman(sp?).......but since they beat Iceland they must fall
- Skinny 7-04-2016 12:47 pm

so you are saying your love of italy was angel hair pasta thin? iceland already overachieved. theyll be more than pleased with their showing.
- dave 7-04-2016 1:20 pm

alice and i are pro-france. she was celebrating the win over iceland with confetti and a homemade sign.
- linda 7-04-2016 2:11 pm

i would love to have seen iceland go all the way, but they were not the better team. c'est la vie!
- linda 7-04-2016 2:12 pm

does she show any interest in playing? not at brothers level of commitment but there must be leagues, right?

- dave 7-04-2016 2:15 pm

she will likely never play soccer. or any sport. though she is showing an interest in badminton!
- linda 7-04-2016 2:27 pm

ugh. sounds like some portland hipster. i bet she likes french's mustard.
- dave 7-04-2016 4:04 pm

Ketchup. Heinz only.
- linda 7-04-2016 4:55 pm

Organic, cane sugar not corn syrup
- Skinny 7-04-2016 7:28 pm

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