these are the riches of the poor

hit one perfect ball out of 65.

- dave 7-20-2016 5:19 pm

Only takes one hit to keep you hooked.

- jim 7-20-2016 5:56 pm

Also: jealous!

- jim 7-20-2016 8:00 pm

id only be jealous if that was my boat docked to the right.

- dave 7-20-2016 9:42 pm

i did use a three wood which as you said was a hell of a lot easier to manage than a driver.

- dave 7-20-2016 9:44 pm

went again today since i was nearby. i used to just be inflexible when i was terrible. now i can add untoned to that on top of wildly inconsistent. saved my best for last. final shot was straight as an arrow while hitting the back netting over 200 yds away.

- dave 7-21-2016 1:11 pm

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