us open womens final just about to start on espn. interesting matchup but ill take kerber over serena slayer pliskova. really disgusting weather outside. humidity bumps up the "feels like" temp to 96.

- dave 9-10-2016 4:15 pm

mens final underway. espn.

- dave 9-11-2016 4:22 pm

What do you think? It didn't matter,obviously, but was the medical break legit? 

Great great match in any case. 

- jim 9-11-2016 10:25 pm

i dont know the rules but it seemed legit to me. i dont see why the player not getting medical attention shouldnt be allowed to at least serve to stay loose though. kind of unnecessarily punitive.

mcenroe & co were obnoxious about it. surprise surprise. im sure the medical breaks are used cynically probably too often but ultimately i think fans would prefer the possibility of seeing more tennis not less. i could do with a lot less of announcers griping. in this case he had bled through his bandage to the point it was clear there was the likelihood of serious discomfort and mcenroe still wouldnt consider that the problem was actually legitimate.

very good match. had djokovic not succumbed to injury and fatigue it would have approached great. definitely more respect for wawrinka. goes for big shots and converts a high percentage. that fact that he has won his last 11 finals seems pretty impressive.
- dave 9-12-2016 12:48 am

very impressive
- Skinny 9-12-2016 4:40 pm

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