could be one of those legendary tv days that youll remember for the rest of your life week. liverpool v chelsea as liverpool fight to stay 1 point back of manchester city with 5 games to go. pretty good.  4 first round playoff basketball matches.... ehh.  good for a channel surf or two. playoff hockey for whoever watches that and baseball for the fox news set. but leading the sporting news as he somehow still manages to do is tiger woods who is currently in second at the start of the final round of the masters. so strap on the ol' jim nance feedbag as they pushed starting times up for weather related reasons. lets see if he can still be in the hunt by the 1130 kickoff of the liverpool game.

and, oh yeah, final truncated season of game of thrones at 9. so excited my toes are almost wiggling. where is a bottle of nembutal when you need it. seriously, i need i bottle of nembutal. just boning up on my barbituates. what a great era that must have been to be alive sleepwalking through life.

- dave 4-14-2019 9:28 am

if you think soccer is a boring, watch an hour of golf first and the click over. its like jumping from the hot tub into a ocean in late spring. not that i would know what that feels like but ive heard tales.

- dave 4-14-2019 12:20 pm

what happened? got sucked into a law & order: svu marathon all morning. i love that * imdbs show cast * mariska hargitay! how has ice-t never won an emmy?

- dave 4-14-2019 3:12 pm

Ice-t is pretty talented
- bill 4-14-2019 7:07 pm

whats boring are the people that think soccer is boring:>)

- Skinny 4-14-2019 8:59 pm

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