american women start their world cup defense tomorrow. kevin durant comes back from injury to try and save the warriors season tonight. rafa nadal won his 12th french open yesterday. the sports never sleeps only my interest in informing you when you are already drowning in an ocean of information.

- dave 6-10-2019 8:52 pm

Your interest may wane but mine never does. Although, small complaint, I was at a school parent cocktail party yesterday (yes, probably as bad as you imagine) and it turns out there is some sport called hockey they play on skates and something or other is going on with it right now about which I knew nothing. So, uh, head in the game, or ducks on the pond, or something....

- jim 6-10-2019 10:25 pm

no scores Dave some of us watch a day late....Go Ajax!!

- Skinny 6-11-2019 12:43 am

knicks have been banking on kevin durant signing with them next season. top 3 player in nba. out of playoffs for the last month with leg injury. comes back with team down 3-1 in finals. scores 10 points in 11 minutes then almost certainly ruptures achilles and if so likely out next season. watch leg muscle ripple as he plants. went down after that. also, was bound to sign a 5 year $250 million contract. now, who knows? thats on him a little. he signed a shorter deal to maintain options which is dangerous with the possibility of a catastrophic injury. under those circumstances he never should have played. they won the previous two championships. he had nothing to prove and everything to lose.


- dave 6-11-2019 12:55 am

hate to tell you this but ajax lost weeks (?)  tho im told the netherlands have some young talent again.<p> im out of the hockey loop but i follow jenna fischer from the office on instagram and she is a st louis blues fan and an excellent novice bread maker. and john krasinski, her on screen office beau, is a bruins fan so they had a little fun with that at the beginning of the cup. its 3-3. game 7 is in boston on wednesday. 

- dave 6-11-2019 1:08 am

weirdly it might work in golden states favor if they still want to resign him as part guilt/contrition for rushing him back. they might be the only team will and anxious enough to pay him $50 million not to play next season. there are huge luxury cap issues that i wont bore you with but they are moving to a brand new stadium next year and will be minting money. gonna be a lot of interesting decisions to make in the offseason by a lot of clubs.

either way the knicks are screwed.

- dave 6-11-2019 1:31 am

Yanks/Mets rained out.
- alex 6-11-2019 7:06 am

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