holy shit. leave the house for 3 of 4 hours and the world falls apart. ok, maybe the sports world, but still. saw #ripmamba and thought it related to his record to lebron that fell in the last couple of days, not a helicopter he was in. the rape allegation early in his career tainted his legacy but kobe was still probably one of the top 15 players all time, second to jordan alone among shooting guards. whats more he seemed to be enjoying his retirement more than he did his playing days. he was often seen in the company of his daughters and it was always heartening to see the unmitigated joy he exuded in their presence. rest in peace. 

- dave 1-26-2020 4:53 pm

tragically his second eldest daughter was with him. they had been making the rounds courtside to games just in the past few weeks.

- dave 1-26-2020 4:56 pm

very very sad.......

- Skinny 1-26-2020 8:36 pm

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