by all accounts you wont have the washington redskins to kick around much longer. dont know what portends for the braves and indians. a lot of call for renaming them the redtails which sounds a lot like its precursor and ticks off some pc boxes by honoring the tuskeegee airmen. also seeing many cloven hooves up for hogs which is a nickname for the teams offensive line from back in the 80s. already imagining the "hogs slaughtered" headlines. can the redtails be plucked or is that racist? birdist? ableist? everything seems to be ableist on some level. got your favorite stupid dc-related name? swamp rats, filibusters, lobbyist, establishment. my only hope is that the washington monugents get to sing at opening day. and if its at an empty stadium all the better. 

- dave 7-03-2020 2:02 pm

seeing pigskins too. then they could still be called the skins. wonder if that would pass the smell test. seems very dan snyderish. hes the piggish owner. 

the monugents are an parody of mark russell if you recall his hacky piano-enhanced political comedy offerings on the pbs of yore.

- dave 7-03-2020 2:06 pm

Shirts vs skins
- bill 7-03-2020 5:52 pm

that was quick. you up, braves.

- dave 7-03-2020 8:59 pm

owner already has trademark for washington warriors.

 Washington Warriors

The alliteration gives this name a nice roll off the tongue. Moving from Redskins to Warriors would not be too difficult of a transition, as the team could keep the same color scheme and revert back to its old spear helmet design.

This is also probably the betting favorite for the change, too. When Redskins owner Dan Snyder first purchased the team, he trademarked the name 'Washington Warriors' hoping to use it for an Arena Football league team before the league folded in 2009.

- dave 7-03-2020 9:29 pm

they are punting til next season.

- dave 7-23-2020 12:51 pm

a new seattle nhl team has had no such problems. when in doubt, choose a mythological creature.

- dave 7-23-2020 2:23 pm

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