get the feeling they were trying to get this out of the way and get on with the start of the baseball season but baseball players are not among the more woke of professional athletes. 

- dave 7-23-2020 11:32 pm

nats doubled down.

- dave 7-23-2020 11:34 pm

have you seen the NWSL stuff?

- Skinny 7-24-2020 10:03 pm


- dave 7-25-2020 3:57 pm

CBS tomorrow, 12;30 your time
- Skinny 7-25-2020 8:46 pm

they have t-shirts?

the thing about it being baseball is that outside of the latino players its a predominantly white bred sport even moreso its aging fanbase. as it is not having fans in the stands was a blessing in disguise. its not as neanderthal as football but not sure how it would have been met. probably indifference.  womens soccer fans i suspect are generally more progressive than average.

- dave 7-25-2020 9:14 pm

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