first favorite athlete. rip, tom seaver.

- dave 9-02-2020 8:27 pm

Kids got out of class At my jr high school to go  to the 69 World Series

- bill 9-02-2020 9:08 pm

just saw a ticket stub for an upper deck seat for the 69 series which was $8 or around $56 in current prices. tried to find something similar for last years world series, it was $130 in houston which actually isnt bad assuming you could get a ticket before they got to the secondary market, then it was around $400 for a similar seat.

- dave 9-02-2020 9:33 pm

just to keep mike interested, he also had a small vineyard.

- dave 9-02-2020 9:35 pm

just to keep Dave interested not only do I know that but I have been 1 foot away from him* at the launch of his first vintage that I personally sold in a small town called NYC.....

* if memory seves me the launch was on CPWest at a restaurant he owned

- Skinny 9-02-2020 10:23 pm

skinny for the win

- steve 9-02-2020 10:27 pm

couldnt find anything about a restaurant he owned not that he might not have been an investor of one. but really i won. look at all these clicks! just wait til i monetize them. how was his wine or do you only represent the best so even the question is offensive?
- dave 9-02-2020 10:49 pm

asked my father. he went to the game five clincher. here is not only the broadcast but pregame chatter with mickey mantle and sandy koufax.

- dave 9-02-2020 10:49 pm

TV without the graphics, weird. I want my ADD.

- steve 9-02-2020 11:13 pm

the pitching on the team was outstanding led by seaver but as im watching some of the game i was noticing how bad the lineup was. in fact it was historically bad.

1969 Mets won the World Series with a paltry .242/.311/.351 line, or 16% worse than league average offense. They upset what was a far, far superior Baltimore Orioles team in the World series. They had a solid defense, and above-average pitching, but their offense was the 6th worst in baseball, and even worse than the one-year-wonder Seattle Pilots. The 1969 Mets may also be the worst team to ever win 100 games in the regular season.

- dave 9-02-2020 11:16 pm

i know they had replay ability but maybe they couldnt do them in real time. its weird to watch controversial plays and wait for the replays and they never came. the famous cleon jones shoe polish play happened in this game which i think led to a run. ball hit him in the foot. initially not given the base but when they examine the ball it had polish on it which is weird to think they polished cleats.

nope, i was just watching further on. they had instant replay. cant imagine why they didnt show the shoe play.

- dave 9-02-2020 11:19 pm

- bill 9-03-2020 7:06 am

remember that one. looking at his wiki he was in the edgar winter group which you probably know and wrote free ride

- dave 9-03-2020 10:04 am

So now that I am back to normal.......I met Tom in California. The NYC lunch was w/ Rusty Staub.

- Skinny 9-03-2020 10:21 am

i ate at rusty's. had a t-shirt for many years. says it closed in 91. was it prior to that or elsewhere? those are some quality mets interactions. did you take steroids with mike piazza? that would really round out the list.

- dave 9-03-2020 10:55 am

All steroids were marshalled for and dispensed during R's soccer career.

- steve 9-03-2020 11:02 am

The lunch was at Mickey Mantle's CPS, I remember it all now inc being laughed that we are lunching on Yankee turf....

- Skinny 9-03-2020 11:20 am

I was at Yankee Stadium when he won his 300th game while pitching for the White Sox. It happened on Phil Rizzuto Day, and totally upstaged poor old Phil.

- alex 9-03-2020 12:15 pm

Dan Hartman wore his Bass (all in one) jumpsuit when I saw the EWG  play  the Frankenstein tour. Summer ‘73 at the west Palm Beach sportatorium. They opened for ELO. Rick Deringer was the star guitarist in EWG.

- bill 9-03-2020 3:42 pm

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