thrasher v. skateboarder

- dave 12-30-2020 4:34 pm

Not saying I was any good but I skated during the Skateboarder years. The first things I did when I got into punk were to ditch my flared leg jeans, black sabbath albums, skateboard and cut my hair, in that order.  In 1980 I saw Thrasher magazine and it seemed like an oxymoron, like punk water skiing or something. Three years later, as the ultimate punk gesture, I got into heavy metal, grew my hair out, got a skateboard and some bell bottoms, In that order.  Punk has invaded everything. Where does it feel out of place? Is punk re-birthing a thing?

- steve 12-30-2020 8:57 pm

thats some greatest generation shit right thurr. hope you flicked your roaches at those straight edge skatepunk fucks!

locals only, bitches!

weird that you had such cognitive dissonance over the proper sub-culture to associate skateboarding with especially as you seem to have dabbled in both.

neither skateboarding nor punk had much purchase at my high school that i was acutely aware of. there was a considerable burnout contingency that may have leaned to the metal end of the classic rock scale and prolly into 80s hair metal. no surprise that it wasnt my scene. the three kids i knew that went punk were rich kid dorks two of whom i went to hebrew school with.  

think i was reading a thread on reddit about schools that had indoor smoking areas for students to keep the bathrooms habitable. that wasnt happening at my school though there were some bleachers by the soccer field where that was tolerated. still they never fixed the locks on the bathroom doors because you shits in the 70s couldnt be trusted. i wonder when it was banned from school grounds all together? guess they can just vape now on the sly.

- dave 12-31-2020 12:11 am

... As a rule, the manuscript is called
- Sanderpyd (guest) 12-31-2020 6:39 pm

Duuude, I thought my comment was sufficiently self-deprecating but pile on if you must. Smoking was basically allowed outside one door at our high school.  Every couple of months the vice principal would chase students away for a few minutes just to make a show of it.

- steve 12-31-2020 6:44 pm

that Sanderpyd is kind of a dick. why did we ever hang out with him? as a rule there was no shortage of papers when he was around. and anyone that could roll with one hand while executing an ollie is always welcome i guess.
- dave 12-31-2020 6:57 pm

- dave 12-31-2020 7:09 pm

text carrier and protective
- Arnottozo (guest) 1-01-2021 10:50 am

- bill 1-01-2021 2:28 pm

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