big year for you, bill. both skateboarding and surfing are in the olympics for the first time along with karate, 3x3 basketball and bmx freestyle. sure you will be glued to the tv or livestream at 430 am if you can figure out the schedule.

- dave 7-21-2021 7:56 pm

Well if kurling is still a sport itís safe for skateboarding and surfing. Is soul surfing a category ?  I can get peacock if that helps. Otherwise Roku basic access. But it looks like they should probably cancel it right?

- bill 7-22-2021 10:14 pm

i read some blurb today that said it was easier to get snowboarding into the olympics 20 plus years ago versus skateboarding because it could be designated as a skiing event and therefore didnt need its own bureaucracy and monetary outlay to get going. its all money and politics ultimately but they need new sports that have a youth appeal so they are slowly adapting. i guess modern pentathlon doesnt draw in the same ratings it used to.

looks like peacock gives you live coverage from 6am to 11am and otherwise highlights and fluff. then theres stuff on delay in primetime on nbc. ideally you just want to stream it via the website. you need cable login then you can watch everything. maybe you have a brother who will let you borrow his account? otherwise if you cared enough, you can sign up for a youtube tv account. i think it comes with a two week free trial so as long as you cancel it you can watch the whole thing for free and get a taste of that service. there might even be some promos out there that extend the two weeks though i was afraid to go too far into the youtube tv sign up to find out because i didnt want to initiate it just in case i want to use it down the road. but youtube tv is a valid service that allows you to stream everything on the nbc olympics site. you could also get a month of sling tv for 10 bucks if you havent had it before and then cancel before it goes to 35.

hit the explore sports tab at top left to see every sport and tv/streaming schedule

- dave 7-22-2021 11:18 pm

heres the tv schedule of events each day by network.

- dave 7-22-2021 11:56 pm

- bill 7-23-2021 7:53 am

watching a couple of heats of the surfboarding. lots of waiting for not very good waves then 10 seconds of "action." i get tired just watching them paddle out again. what makes it compelling is the quality of the production. the shots straight down the wave instead of from the shore are much more interesting.

- dave 7-24-2021 8:16 pm

The typhoon could enhance conditions.

- bill 7-25-2021 9:56 am

watched about an hour of each yesterday. just looking at injury stats because street skateboarding doesnt require helmets and obviously seems rife for injury. sure thats part of the mystique. noticed snowboarding has the 2nd highest concussion rate after ice hockey. water tubing is 3rd. football 4th. guess those rapids and rocks can do some damage. but i was curious and apparently 80% of skiers/snowboarders now wear helmets which is up from 35% in 2002. i dont recall anyone wearing them when i skied in the 80s but that was mostly at very underwhelming slopes.

football and/or wrestling have the highest injury rates depending on the certain age parameters while gymnastics has the highest rates for womens sports. but soccer has the highest in game injury rates.

- dave 7-25-2021 1:51 pm

"Skate parks are being built around the world to fulfill the needs of the skateboarding population, which was estimated at 20 million internationally in 2009. More than half of these are in the U.S. and it is estimated that 45% are younger than 18. However, it appears that skateboard sales have been dropping by 2% per year since 2007, and the skateboarders are getting older. In 2006, 71% of skateboarders were younger than 18."

- dave 7-25-2021 1:52 pm

Inline skates and those scooters are also used in skateparks. It was an outlaw sport for many years to skate on public property could get you a ticket. Public parks remedied that to a degree

- bill 7-25-2021 9:14 pm

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