been watching some us open this weekend. couple 18 year old girls, one canadian, one brit are through to round of 16 and some 20 yo unknown american is battling djokovic right now. took the first set but is down a break in the second. on espn.

- dave 9-06-2021 8:53 pm

whoops. 20 min behind. one set a piece.

- dave 9-06-2021 8:58 pm

another 18 yo spaniard is through to the mens quarters already.

- dave 9-06-2021 9:19 pm

fork stuck.

- dave 9-06-2021 9:48 pm

just noticed no linespeople at us open. i wonder if that is on every court. covid enabled the push to completely remove them and us computer/camera hawkeye system to officiate beyond chair umpire.

- dave 9-06-2021 11:30 pm

i wonder if that means there are no challenges if hawkeye is rendering all call instantaneously.

- dave 9-06-2021 11:36 pm

Tried to watch some on Hulu last night but it wasn't working. Frustrating because I am paying additional for sports.  BTW, malkmus is in the city for the games. He's been getting front row seats to the matches between lesser-knowns.

- steve 9-06-2021 11:47 pm

thats a bummer. good womens match tonight. pounding the crap out of the ball at 1am. 

lot of lesser knowns in week one. when they make it to week two its more impressive. with federer and nadal out that opens up a lot of the bracket for the men. same with serena. osakas out. they need some new stars to emerge.

- dave 9-07-2021 1:00 am

Bummer about Osaka, seems like she may be gone for a while. Hulu working for me now, watching mixed doubles now, Purcell/Yastremska vs Martin/Shvedova

- steve 9-07-2021 4:47 am

djokovic up next in a quarters match against the italian he beat in the finals at wimbledon.

both teenagers, raducanu (uk) and fernandez (canada) made it to the semifinals on the womens side along with the greek sakkari who won the slugfest the other night. i havent seen the sabalenka (belarus) yet but she is the highest ranked among them by a considerable margin. i think she is #2, the greek was at #17 and the two teenagers were unseeded. both semis are tomorrow night.

on the mens side a young canadian auger seeded 12 got through to the semis yesterday when the 18 yo spaniard alcaraz broke down in the second set with an injury. he'll face the #2 russian medvedev. today #4 zverev (ger) won. he'll face the winner of tonights match. apparently he may have abused his girlfriend so i imagine he does not have much support. i only caught the womens match so i couldnt gauge the reception.

- dave 9-08-2021 9:03 pm

oh, and djokovic is going for his 4th grand slam win in a calendar year which no one has done since rod laver in 1969. no man at least. didnt check on the women yet.

- dave 9-08-2021 9:09 pm

fernandez takes the first set in the opener in a tiebreaker. looked liked she was gonna get powered off the court going down 3-0 early but her opponent started to make a lot more unforced errors. plus the crowd is heavily favoring the 19 yo.

- dave 9-09-2021 8:12 pm

fernandez won in three sets. seemed like she was fading but sabalenka couldnt hold her shit together. big hitter but so many errors that come with that.

- dave 9-09-2021 9:51 pm

second match underway. 18 yo smoked her opponent in the first set 6-1. even more impressed with her game than fernandez. bigger serve, hits harder and moves better. i thought she was smaller. google says 5'9" compared to fernandez at 5'4".

- dave 9-09-2021 11:02 pm

us open gets their teen dream final. fernandez beat #2, #3 & #5 along with another former three time grand slam winner while raducanu has yet to drop a set and is the first man or woman to get to the finals as a qualifier meaning she had to play her way into the tournament rather than get an automatic bid. last teen final was hingis vs serena in 99.

- dave 9-10-2021 12:56 am

living up to the hype. on serve in first set. 4-3.

- dave 9-11-2021 5:02 pm

djokovic ready to make history with the first mens slam in 50 years. finally has the entire crowd in his corner. a-listers galore in the crowd! goes down 6-4 6-4 6-4. rod laver, like the miami dolphins, the only team to have an undefeated nfl season, can rest easy. death will come sooner than his achievement being duplicated. djokovic had a couple of chances to turn it around in the second set but medvedev was unflappable and djokovic could dig himself out of another ditch.

good tournament. britain has a new queen and the mens side seems to have some daylight after being dominated by the big three for so long.

- dave 9-12-2021 8:22 pm

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