- Skinny 1-20-2022 11:46 pm

so close.


- dave 1-20-2022 11:55 pm

Lucas read this on the internet and "swears" it's true. Supposedly Shaq bought a yacht and asked followers online what he should name it. Someone answered: "Free Throw" because you'll never sink it.

- jim 1-21-2022 2:52 pm

its odd to think he knows who shaq is despite being part of that tnt basketball show with barkley, et al. i know he transcends the sport but with the way media is consumed seems both harder and easier to live in a bubble for the youths.

- dave 1-21-2022 3:33 pm

congrats to rafael nadal for surpassing federer to become the all time mens singles champion with 21 titles. djokovic will most likely surpass him at some point but never in the hearts of most tennis fans so its nice he gets to wear the crown a brief. it can always be said he was the greatest tennis player of all time for a brief shining moment. and actually with the french up next on the calendar he could hold out a little longer considering his dominance there.

- dave 1-30-2022 12:45 pm

Welcome to the world of adult Dating loveawake.ru
- AynbluMp (guest) 11-17-2022 12:54 pm

- Skinny 11-17-2022 1:48 pm

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