turned on the mets wild card game for a second just to see the score. last time i did that was in 2015 when they were in the world series. disgusted to see they now digitally impose an ad on the pitchers mound during the games. i know there are ads on practically every visible surface but planting one on the field at the center of your frame of vision is gross. people are disgusting money grubbers. i know given the option its hard to turn down but for some there is no end to the shamelessness. basketball does it too but baseball always had its sacrosanct idea of purity which i suppose has long ago vanished.


- dave 10-09-2022 8:36 pm

Seven years from now it might be jingle singing tobacco spittle.

- steve 10-09-2022 9:14 pm


- Skinny 10-09-2022 9:22 pm

supposedly they banned chewing tobacco in favor of sunflower seeds and gum but they havent quite purged it apparently but you missed your calling in marketing.

maybe by the time you reach three rivers, mike, the riverhounds will make "the big time."


- dave 10-09-2022 10:47 pm

looks like the fans are rowdy, but for linda and i we want a woman's team
- Skinny 10-10-2022 12:09 pm

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