russia 2018 never happened but seattle 2026 can, mike.

- dave 10-21-2022 4:18 pm

When's Pittsburgh?
- alex 10-22-2022 2:48 pm

No grass fields big enough, but we have a USL Team, plus with 320K people
- Skinny 10-22-2022 5:51 pm

media market is 23rd largest at 1.16 million slightly bigger than portland. steelers in particular are an original nfl team with a large fan base outside of pittsburgh though probably not quite as large as it was in the past. still looks to be the smallest media market with three major league teams. vegas may become the smallest soon. they have a football and hockey team and they are talked about as a basketball expansion location but that obviously has a lot to do with it as a tourist spot.

- dave 10-22-2022 6:34 pm

got it thanks.....

keep forgetting metro population, PGH is 2.4MM, PDX is 2.5+.....

so another similarity in the move.....

- Skinny 10-23-2022 9:31 am

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