Messi to continue playing for Argentina

Lionel Messi has no plans to imminently retire from international football because he wants to “continue playing as a champion”.

Messi will be 38 by the time the next World Cup starts in 2026, and will turn 39 during the tournament.

“I’m not retiring from the national team,” he said after the match. “I want to continue playing as a champion.”

Messi had previously said that he expects the Qatar World Cup to be his last.

“It’s my last World Cup,” he said after the semi-final victory over Croatia.

“It is impressive to end up playing a final. There’s a long way to go for the next one, there are many years and surely because of age I won’t get to it.”

- Skinny 12-18-2022 8:51 pm

so much for going out on top. now that he won the last two big tourneys he legit seems like he enjoys playing for his country after so many years when it did not. guess he is looking forward to a victory lap or two.

- dave 12-18-2022 9:33 pm

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