- dave 12-29-2022 2:15 pm

- dave 12-29-2022 2:19 pm

A reporter once asked Pelé if his fame compared to that of Jesus Christ.

“There are parts of the world where Jesus Christ is not so well known,” Pelé said.

- Skinny 12-29-2022 2:28 pm

overhead back kick trick 

- bill 12-29-2022 8:54 pm

rainbow kick?

- dave 12-29-2022 9:07 pm

I don’t remember it being called that at the time. Apparently there is also a bicycle kick. 

- bill 12-30-2022 8:14 am

are you thinking of a bicycle kick?

- dave 12-30-2022 8:19 am


- bill 12-30-2022 8:21 am

yeah a bicycle kick that won the war.
- dave 12-30-2022 8:38 am

Funny, a similar line from John Lennon didn’t work out as well for him. Guess the world was ready for it by then.
- bill 12-30-2022 8:55 am

i dont know which line you are referring to but i am excited to find out.
- dave 12-30-2022 9:20 am

the Beatles are more popular than Jesus quote.
- steve 12-30-2022 9:41 am

That’s the one
- bill 12-30-2022 10:20 am

oooh. that quote was from yesterday. like im gonna look up thread. made me watch that victory clip twice!
- dave 12-30-2022 11:53 am

Winnin' with Lennon

- bill 12-30-2022 12:01 pm

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