you break off your engagement with your boyfriend of one year. are you morally responsible to return the ring if asked? what if that ring is worth $800000 and your net worth is speculatively $2 million? what if your boyfriend currently makes $35 million a year bouncing a ball? asking for a friend. ok, its me!

- dave 1-24-2023 12:01 pm

RETURN IT!! its not morally responsible it's being real.....Dave u make 35MM bouncing a ball?

- Skinny 1-24-2023 1:15 pm

pro pachinko circuit, baybee!

it was a basketball forum but i was surprised how many people sided wtih ben simmons, i mean, me. he was universally despised last year for sitting out and generally failing to live up to his talent so i assumed he would get roasted for being cheap. but bros before hos apparently. they did get engaged after only four months. maybe dont be in such a hurry but thats kind of the point. if you are gonna buy her love (to a degree) maybe dont be expecting to get the ring back.

legally, apparently, it is a gift therefore she is under no obligation so making your request public is a bit of a shit thing to do as now she comes off as a gold digger if she doesnt return it. and maybe that is bad for her brand as a.. wait for it, tv presenter and instagram influencer.

- dave 1-24-2023 1:35 pm

I think old school manners is that if she breaks it off, she should return the ring without being asked; in fact, it's part of the formality of rescinding the commitment. If he breaks it off, he has no right to expect it back, but she can show her disdain and moral superiority by returning it anyway. Going public about it is crass in any event, but that's the world we live in now. I suppose circumstances could come into play, like if there was domestic violence involved or some such, which would take it beyond manners per se...
- alex 1-24-2023 2:26 pm

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