bout to watch a us women national team soccer game on... hbomax? stumbled on a game over the weekend and miraculously recalled they were playing again today. most of the old guard from the world cup winners seem to be gone or injured. one of the younger leaders is mallory swanson, nee mal pugh who just married some mlb player. i thought he would be loaded but net worth listed him at $5 million which is peanuts these days for a major leaguer. but fear not, mallory swanson, nee mal pugh, will be the envy of her teammates after all. her hubby just signed a seven year $177 million dollar contract with the cubs. so fuck you, indeed! 

- dave 2-22-2023 7:18 pm

big rock.......she is on fire this year in the game

- Skinny 2-22-2023 8:27 pm

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