big story outside our air quality and the media naval gazing over the brief tenured firing of the head of cnn is that messi is coming to america!!!

actually, i dont care but i can imagine turning on an mls game out of curiosity. so win?

he is joing the team owned (in part?) by david beckham, inter miami which of course is a stupid name but there you have it. messi turned down the barrels full of cash being offered by saudi arabia who apparently really want a world cup so are buying up legends and near legends to burnish their image. goodwill ambassadors for bad people, or not great people, but our great friends who we sell a shit ton of war machines to. they also just dropped a ton of cash on the pga yesterday because money. another story i have not dug into and i may never.

anyway. it came down to going back to barcelona, playing for gobs and gobs of money with no one watching (or no one that matters) in saudi arabia or chilling in miami for a few years. apparently #3 eventually won out. i have read very little regarding motivation but other than possibly making his branding partners happy (just guessing) someone suggested that he would be given a deal like beckham in that he could be awarded the rights to a future franchise. maybe he gets a big fat chunk of all the jerseys he is gonna sell. or maybe in two years plus years after the next world cup conveniently in the us he retires from the national team gets that last big paycheck from saudi arabia. that would be my guess unless at 38 he says enough of this shit. ok, maybe one more year for 250 million is more likely.

- dave 6-07-2023 11:04 am

wonder if he would prefer a team in phoenix or las vegas because they are next. 

vegas now has a hockey team and two former oakland teams, the raiders and just announced the a's are relocating there. eventually lebron will become owner of an nba expansion team there after he retires. not a guarantee but lots of talk that will happen but phoenix is a much bigger market.

- dave 6-07-2023 11:08 am

so just watched a one minute segment meaning not a lot of detail but, yes, some sort of merch deal with adidas who he is already aligned with, some future team ownership option and some percentage of money from subscriptions added to apple tv who own the mls rights i guess on top of whatever relatively meager salary they can offer him. dont know how they make that distinction but they have a lot of computers im sure they can figure it out. still, he probably left a lot of money on the table not getting in bed with the saudis. i bet left to his own devices he takes that money but for the short term its better for his legacy and you know maybe his wife and kids would rather live in miami than riyadh.

- dave 6-08-2023 10:04 am

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