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this guy lost the slam dunk contest tonight to last years winner zach lavine but that was after two overtime dunks and some questionable scoring. one of the few memorable matchups. this one was inspired.

- dave 2-14-2016 1:05 am [link] [1 comment]

steph curry is the reigning mvp and now the nbas biggest star.

- dave 2-10-2016 12:48 am [link] [add a comment]


- Skinny 1-07-2016 10:21 pm [link] [1 comment]

the magic was real
- linda 1-07-2016 10:12 pm [link] [add a comment]

It is almost orthodoxy in most of the NBA today: Offensive rebounding doesn't matter, especially because it threatens the integrity of your defense.

- dave 1-05-2016 1:33 pm [link] [add a comment]


- linda 12-06-2015 8:48 pm [link] [4 comments]

i've never seen tofu -- or spinach salad, for that matter -- but i certainly like being able to get an ipa and nong's chicken and rice at the stadium 

- linda 12-02-2015 4:53 pm [link] [6 comments]

providence park voted best us stadium on list of the world's top 100

- linda 11-12-2015 3:31 pm [link] [1 comment]

- dave 11-09-2015 8:02 pm [link] [6 comments]

one of those crazy multi-lateral plays to end a college football game.

- dave 11-01-2015 11:29 am [link] [add a comment]