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December 12, 1999

Into the Funnel

The holiday season. It starts at Thanksgiving, issuing out of the infundibular figure of the Cornucopia, reaches fullness at Christmas, then compresses into the non-point whence issues a reconstituted Time: the initiation of a New Year.
To initiate this page, I offer my yearly Christmas Card, a meditation on the coincidence of Christmas and the New Year. Appropriate, I hope, for this millennial holiday season.
As we make the passage, keep in mind our place in the pattern. Recognize that the season of abundance is not so much ours, as we are of it. We are among the fruits emerging from the Cornucopia, not simply the recipients of the same.
Those who receive nourishment must also provide nourishment.
Recipient of more than I deserve, I will try to implement my principle in this place.