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December 24, 2023






Brooklyn Christmas Bird of the Year: Purple Sandpiper


Purple Sandpipers are reliably present at Christmastime each year on the wave-washed rocky waterfront of my Brooklyn neighborhood along the Verrazzano Narrows. They breed in the far north, and Brooklyn is their idea of south for the winter; they arrive around Thanksgiving and stay into the spring. It’s their tradition.


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December 21, 2022

Best Wishes for the Winter Solstice and all of its Attendant Holidays


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December 23, 2021





On the Color Wheel

Red and Green

Are opposites

But the technical term is Complimentary Colors

They call across the Spectrum

And vibrate in one another’s presence


In a time of too much opposition

Remember how Red and Green

Resolve their conflict

Conjoining as the

Colors of Christmas

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