Still havenít come up with that LOTR movie review. Probably should see it again; first time around I was preoccupied with comparing it to my own imaginings. It measured up pretty well, but what about Tolkienís vision? Well, hereís a good presentation of Pictures by J. R. R. Tolkien, which includes most of his illustrations for LOTR, The Hobbit, and the Silmarillion. He wasnít a great artist, but an effective illustrator, and his renderings must be considered definitive. In line with his prose, he excels at landscape, which he lovingly describes in the books (these pictures were clearly studied by the filmmakers), but he could barely draw figures. Just so, his written descriptions of persons are often vague and general, which leaves room for your own imagination, but is rather frustrating for the geek who wants to know what an Elf really looks like. I can only find one picture with Elves, and while itís one of my favorites, itís not much help. Itís like a Claude Lorraine: the figures are just a foil for the landscape. Still, you can see (try this oversized version) that these Elves wear culottes and pointy shoes! In fact, Tolkienís conceptions are much closer to Victorian fairy art than todayís sword and sorcery fans would probably like.
- alex 2-21-2002 4:19 am

Very nice. I like the heraldic devices (47) and would like to see more of his patterns sketched on newspapers (43)!
- tom moody 2-21-2002 5:38 am [add a comment]

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