Thousands more cute pictures like this one await you at the VCL Anthropomorphic Image Library. The image I selected is Mulonica, a dragon created by Krystal Ishida (aka Mystica), which reminds me of Rousseau's Sleeping Gypsy. I have to say, as an artist, Krystal has got it goin' on. (Check out her page at VCL here.) She works in Paintshop Pro, and I love the "watercolor" textures she uses, in combination with her pixelated line. Her drawings of Pokemon and other anime-type characters have real punch and verve, and she sneaks in a lot of autobiography under the guise of these cuddly critters (VCL guidelines dictate that drawings be "furry/anthropomorphic"). If she wants a character to look angry, it looks angry. Ditto sad, lonely, sprightly... In other words, she's a "natural," and it's quite unfair to read her post that "my dad said that if my art was for sale, no one would buy it off me any way." Dad, you are so wrong!
- tom moody 5-02-2002 6:55 am

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