50 uncoolest records of all time
- linda 5-07-2002 12:45 am

"As sensitive as sunburned skin, this mid-Seventies deal-closer was loved by women and revered by men. The Babe Ruth of pussy music."

name that band
- linda 5-07-2002 12:46 am [add a comment]

The list seems to be slashdotting, but I’ll guessParadise by the Dashboard Light, based on the baseball reference. If we’re going to knuckle under, I always liked Queen’s You’re My Best Friend. Hmm...maybe I should take a lesson; don’t seem to be getting anywhere with Spiritualized...
- alex 5-07-2002 1:57 am [add a comment]

best of bread, tho meat loaf did make the t0p 50
- linda 5-07-2002 5:21 pm [add a comment]

  • Bread was "revered by men"? Gimmie a break. Maybe they mean "reviled" (OK, Make It With You was a guilty pleasure, but I always was too sensitive.)
    - alex 5-07-2002 11:23 pm [add a comment]

    • Revered by white men, maybe. I took a date to see Fender Rhodes smoothie Les McCann back in the day, and I have to say, things went really well!
      - tom moody 5-07-2002 11:44 pm [add a comment]

    • It went well compared to what?
      - alex 5-08-2002 12:11 am [add a comment]

I always thought werewolves were cool, but not when Warren Zevon sings about them.
- steve 5-07-2002 5:31 pm [add a comment]

I cant tell the uncool from the cool list, both are really flawed and they expect you to put either side in your shopping basket - Q: can't everyone do "the freddy" ? A: If you want me to do my thing, pull my string.

- bill 5-07-2002 6:40 pm [add a comment]

I can't get through the slashdotting to either list.
- steve 5-07-2002 7:38 pm [add a comment]

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