This year's Summerstage schedule.
I've seen some good shows here, though they can also be a pain if too crowded. You have to go early if you want a decent seat to see the stage from, but it can be pleasant to just sit on the grass outside and let the music mingle with the rest of the Park. Most shows are free, though goodies like Lucinda Williams are ticketed "benefits". Now they've even got "suggested donation" benefits, like a Paradise Garage 25th anniversary show. Looks like less hiphop and more techno this year. Beth Orton, Sonic Youth, Dave Brubeck, Conershop, more…

- alex 5-16-2002 9:14 pm

oh MAN! sonic youth the day after my birthday and i'm not sure if i'm in town - mike? hello? when do we get back?
- linda 5-17-2002 3:38 am [add a comment]

July 4 might be good, too.
- jimlouis 5-17-2002 10:03 pm [add a comment]

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