Has anybody seen Aernout Mik at The Project? Would love to hear about it. I was very interested in his big video installations that showed in Toronto in 2001.

Aernout Mik: "Parallel Corner," May 1-June 20
The Project
37 W 57, 3rd fl

- sally mckay 5-24-2004 10:48 pm

No, but I will go now. I saw something by him at the ICA in London a few years ago and was "interested" too. Thanks for the heads up.
- selma 5-27-2004 1:39 am [add a comment]

Sorry sally mckay. I was away this weekend and remembered on Saturday that it was the last day of the show.
Here is what artforum had to say. And the new yorker.
- selma 6-21-2004 6:15 pm [add a comment]

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