"WHO was Ana Mendieta? Was she an earth artist, a performance artist, a sculptor, a conceptual artist, a photographer, a filmmaker? She was all of these, but she was not defined by any one of them.
- selma 6-21-2004 6:46 pm

Janine Antoni: Under the Influence of Ana Mendieta

when: Thur 7.8 (7-8pm)
where: Whitney Museum of American Art (945 Madison Ave, 212.570.3676)
price: $8
links: Event Info | Janine Antoni
Since the early '90s, when she began using her own teeth, tongue, and hair to sculpt chocolate, lard, and hair dye, Janine Antoni has been smartly commenting on the legacy of feminist art practices of the previous generation with provocative sculptures and performances. Tonight, in the first of the Whitney's new lecture series on artists' influence, Antoni discusses the relationship between Ana Mendieta's performance-based sculptural work and her own. The late Cuban exile Mendieta, whose work is now on view at the museum, is perhaps best known for her Silhueta photographic series, which documents the temporary outline of her body traced on the earth in grass, flowers, sand, or fire.

- selma 7-06-2004 8:59 pm [add a comment]

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