Fred TomaselliGuilty, 2005
Fred Tomaselli

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Big Bird
Big Bird, 2004

Waldemar Januszczak:

"Deeper into the show, among the “paintings”, the birds grow larger and weirder, until they are almost bigger than you. I was reminded of the nightmarish disruptions of scale in the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch, where small things become huge and prey on us. Bosch is a good parallel, because if he had lived in an era of drug-taking, you would have assumed him to be a drug-taker, wouldn’t you? It is that air of all-night anxiety there is to him, the refusal of his dreams to finish. Like Bosch, Tomaselli makes big images out of zillions of little ones. There is lots of creepy fun to be had peering more deeply into his “paintings” and seeing what they are actually made of. All manner of colourful stuff — pills, plants, porn pics — has been arranged into complex patterns and preserved inside calm pools of perfectly see-through resin, like precious multicoloured fossils."
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