Heard a talk yesterday by Julie Taymor. Wow. Incredibly smart woman.

To start the program there was a 15 minute video with clips from many of her works, including a 5 minute preview of her upcoming film Across the Universe, parts of which were filmed on Clinton Street.

Not really much to report, except that I couldn't have been more impressed by her. She reminded me of my favorite professor from college in the way she combines an overpowering intellect with a genuine sense of compassion and caring. Very rare in my experience (where such smart and accomplished people are often arrogant, or worse.)

On a side note, the one line I took away actually came from the Irish interviewer who gave a rather pithy definition of mythology: "a past that never was, and always will be." That's a good one I think.
- jim 10-02-2006 3:43 pm

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